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The Cook Political Report is designed to allow subscribers like you to find and follow races with ease — and to better use the analysis we publish week after week. The website combines customization and printable content, as well as dynamic and in-depth mapping tools, to make the Cook Political Report an engaging and functional online experience.


  • Regular updates. The Bottom Line feature provides our latest and most up-to-date take on all races.
  • Advanced search and article tagging lets you can find related content with ease. You can browse articles by author and subject/keyword (which includes seats, incumbents, candidates and states).
  • Zoomable maps allow you to inspect Congressional Districts. The maps include major highways, waterways, state lines and county lines so you can easily see the geography of districts.
  • Bookmark articles and races. Whenever you see the icons below, you can click it to save a race or an article.
  • Watched Races listing lets you see all the races you bookmark in one location, with one click from any page on the site. When any of your watched races are updated on the site, you’ll get notice in your weekly newsletter that the race rating or the Bottom Line has changed.
  • Filter and sort charts. At-A-Glance and FEC charts can be set up to only show the races you're interested in. Using dropdown menus, you can restrict your listing to certain states and race ratings, or view by House and Senate committees. You can also save these settings so that they are already in place every time you visit the chart.
  • Print to PDF. Race pages, state pages, charts and articles have a Print to PDF button that will create a neat, paginated PDF that you can bring to meetings or hand out as needed for reference.

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Cook Political Staff

Charles E. Cook, Jr.
Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report; Columnist for National Journal

Jennifer E. Duffy
Senior Editor

Amy Walter
National Editor

David Wasserman
House Editor, Political Analyst

Ashton Barry
Business Development and Logistics

Ally Flinn
Web Editor

Elizabeth Wilner
Senior Contributing Editor, Senior Vice President of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence

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  • A newsletter that both parties regard as authoritative.
    – The New York Times
  • The bible of the political community.
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