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Watching Races

Watched Races allow you to quickly see a list of all the races that are most important to you. The “Watched Races” link appears in the header of the site whenever you’re logged in. It’s always there and you can click that link at any time to get to your list.

The list shows the race, rating and the last time it was updated. You can click the district name in the case of a House race or the incumbent name for Senate and Governor races to go right to that race page.

Custom Newsletter Updates

Each week, we will include any updates from up to five of your Watched Races in the newsletter delivered to your inbox. Below the listing of weekly rating changes will be any new race ratings and the Bottom Line for that race.

How to Watch a Race

Whenever you encounter the bookmark icon, you can click it to add a race to your list. These icons are in the upper right of race pages and on state listing pages. Unwatched races have a gray icon and watched races have a red icon.

Removing a Race

To edit your Watched Races list, simply click the remove buttons next to races in the list view.

Bookmarking Articles

Whenever you encounter an article that you may want to revisit, you can click the same icon to save it to My Bookmarks.

This allows you to keep a custom list of the articles you want to remember and revisit — and you won’t have to search through your email or the site trying to find it.

You can access your saved articles by clicking the My Bookmarks link in the header of the site, available once you’ve logged into the site.

Articles are separated by House, Senate and Governor. Once a new election cycle begins, we’ll collect all your old articles and archive them so you can begin with a fresh slate. To read older articles, you’ll just have to click the button that says “2010 articles” at the bottom of the listing.

You may remove articles from the list at any time by clicking the remove button.

Cook Political Staff

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Senior Editor

Amy Walter
National Editor

David Wasserman
House Editor, Political Analyst

Ashton Barry
Business Development and Logistics

Ally Flinn
Web Editor

Elizabeth Wilner
Senior Contributing Editor, Senior Vice President of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence

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