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National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 30, 2016

Poll after poll finds Donald Trump the least qualified Republican to beat Hillary Clinton in November. And yet, he keeps winning GOP primary contests. Is this because Republican primary voters believe Trump CAN win in November (despite polls showing otherwise)? Or is it that they don’t value the issue of electability in the first place? It looks like a combination of both.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 16, 2016

Despite a concerted effort by many in the GOP to derail him, Donald Trump remains on track to capture the nomination. That’s not to say that the track is entirely clear. Kasich’s success in Ohio was also a blow to Trump’s “inevitability” storyline. And, despite his wins, he’s failed to carry any state with a majority of the vote. That’s important to remember given that he’ll need to win at...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 14, 2016

It’s very hard to categorize a “typical” Trump voter. While he does best with more downscale white voters, that alone isn’t what has propelled him to frontrunner status. The real key to his success has been his ability pick up voters from all parts of the GOP electorate - older and younger, Tea Party and traditional, secular and Evangelical. In fact, while Mitt Romney and John McCain have...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 9, 2016

The results of Tuesday’s primary contests brought us some surprises - a Bernie win, a Rubio collapse and a Trump romp. But, it didn’t fundamentally alter the trajectory of this campaign. Hillary Clinton, barring some sort of epic collapse over the next few weeks, is going to be the Democratic nominee. Donald Trump, barring some sort of still unrealized success of the #NeverTrump movement is...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 2, 2016

There are only two real storylines out of Tuesday night’s SEC primary: 1. Trump is on a roll and more likely than not, on a path to the GOP nomination; and 2. there is no consensus alternative to Trump. Here are my four quick takeaways for what Super Tuesday means going forward.

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