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National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 29, 2016

This has been a good spring/summer for President Obama. While both parties decry the state of the economy and terrorism shows no signs of abating every major poll out this month– NBC/Wall Street Journal, ABC/Washington Post, CNN, and Bloomberg – have pegged his approval ratings between 51-53 percent. The easiest explanation for his rise is that in comparison to the craziness going on in the...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 22, 2016

There’s no doubt that Donald J. Trump has had a bad few weeks. His party remains split over his nomination. He fired his campaign manager and his campaign has less money in the bank than some state Senate candidates.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 16, 2016

This election year has been rife with conspiracy theories. Most of them, of course, have been peddled by Donald Trump. The most recent - that Trump is somehow going to be denied the nomination in Cleveland - comes from establishment and inside-the-Beltway types who should know better.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 9, 2016

So, it has come to this. American voters will have a choice in November between the most unconventional, disruptive “change” candidate of our time and an establishment politician who has been part of American public life for as long as we can remember. Given the success of candidates like Trump and Sanders, as well as an overall feeling of frustration with “politics as usual,” the change...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 2, 2016

There’s little doubt that Donald Trump has changed the rules of campaigning in the 21st century. Or, more accurately, he’s the first to understand how to effectively campaign in a 21st century media environment. Yet, winning the media cycle is different from winning a campaign. And, as my colleagues and I have written about extensively, that requires him to do better with the electorate that...

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