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National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 2, 2016

There are only two real storylines out of Tuesday night’s SEC primary: 1. Trump is on a roll and more likely than not, on a path to the GOP nomination; and 2. there is no consensus alternative to Trump. Here are my four quick takeaways for what Super Tuesday means going forward.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 25, 2016

I admit it. I was wrong about Trump’s staying power as a candidate. Not only is he winning primaries, but he has a real path to winning the nomination. Why has he succeeded when I thought he would fail? Trump himself deserves some of the credit. He’s read the mood of the electorate and understands the 21st century media better than any other candidate on the GOP side. He is the living,...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 21, 2016

1. Hillary Firewall Holds, While Bernie Hits His Ceiling Despite a last-minute surge of “Bern-mentum” and weakening support among Latinos, Hillary Clinton put up a strong showing at the Nevada caucuses on Saturday thanks in part to strong support from African-Americans and older voters. Her coalition today looks a hybrid of the Clinton 2008 base (women, core Democrats, and older voters) and...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 18, 2016

For months we’ve been assured by the Clinton campaign that as long as Hillary Clinton holds onto her solid support among minority voters, she’ll stave off any serious threat from Bernie Sanders. Atlantic Media’s Ron Brownstein estimates that the overall Democratic electorate in 2016 will be 35-40 percent non-white. In some of the most populated Super Tuesday states like Texas and Georgia (which...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 10, 2016

The quick takeaways from the Granite State: 1. Trump and Sanders won big, but haven’t put to rest questions about their electability and 2. The GOP establishment vacuum remains, but Marco Rubio, the big loser tonight, still remains the likeliest candidate to fill it.

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