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National Politics|By Amy Walter, January 13, 2016

For an election that has been anything but conventional, the latest Marist/NBC polling out of Iowa finds things lining up in familiar ways. For Turmp or Sanders to win they need new, non-traditional caucus goers to show up and vote. That is how Obama won in 2008 and why Howard Dean did not in 2004.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, January 7, 2016

Even so, early states that are “open” to any voter (i.e, Democrats) include some of the deep red states where Trump has strong support like Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. There’s recent evidence that getting non-traditional Republicans to vote in southern states can work. Witness GOP Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran who owes his 2014 run-off win to African-American...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, December 16, 2015

If you were looking for the fifth GOP debate of this topsy-turvy 2015 to upend or reshuffle this race, you came away sorely disappointed. Instead, this foreign policy focused forum merely solidified the standings of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as the top three candidates in the GOP contest. The debate was not without some surprises. The normally bellicose Trump remained relatively...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, December 14, 2015

Being successful in politics depends on meeting voters where they are, not where you think they are or, where you think they should be. It’s about recognizing the political environment and working with it, not against it.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, December 9, 2015

Thus far, this campaign has provided more questions than answers. I have dubbed the motto for 2016: WTF?!. But, some questions are more important – and the answers more consequential – than others. Here are the four BIG QUESTIONS that, when answered, will help us not only determine who the nominee will be, but also understand how he/she got there.

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