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National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 11, 2015

Ask anyone on the Acela corridor who the frontrunner and/or likely nominee for the GOP is/will be and you are most likely to hear the name Jeb Bush. After all, he’s going to have bucket-loads of cash. He’s vacuuming up GOP talent for his campaign staff. He’s substantive and comfortable talking policy. And, unlike many of his contemporaries, he’s yet to make a significant flub on the campaign...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 4, 2015

Scott Walker in 2015 is a lot like Barack Obama circa 2007; he’s relatively unknown and yet well-known at the same time. Obama’s speech at the DNC in 2004 propelled him to rock-star status among the Democratic faithful, while Walker’s victory over the public sector labor unions in 2011 made him a legend among conservatives. The Wisconsin Governor begins this campaign as a vessel into which...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 25, 2015

Although the congressional standoff over the Department of Homeland Security is being framed as a debate over national security, it is, at is core, the latest example of the GOP divide over how to tackle immigration reform. For a party that is already facing demographic challenges and shrinking Electoral College opportunities, the inability to come to agreement on immigration could have...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 19, 2015

One of the biggest assets for Democrats – especially for Hillary Clinton – going into this next election is the fact that they are much more ideologically united than the GOP. From social issues to economic ones, the overwhelming majority of Democrats are on the same page. This, of course, leaves little room for a primary challenger to Hillary Clinton to expose a gap or drive a wedge.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 11, 2015

Before every presidential election, we chew over the question of whether this will be a foreign policy or a domestic election. Will we be talking about "security moms" or "soccer moms"?

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