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National Politics|By Amy Walter, April 24, 2014

Republicans scoff when they hear that Democrats plan to make the Koch brothers and their heavy investment into GOP campaigns an issue in 2014. Even one top Democratic strategist told me he thought that all the attention put on the billionaire brothers was too obscure for regular voters to care about. Yet, one group, the pro-Democratic SuperPAC House Majority PAC (HMP), says that they have...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, April 10, 2014

Despite a less-than-rosy economy, President Obama won re-election due in large part to the fact that he made the race a referendum on Mitt Romney and his "47 percent" ideology. Two years later, the economy looks better on paper, but voters aren't seeing it. That means Democrats will once again make an election a referendum not on how good things are under Democrats, but how terrible they will...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, April 4, 2014

If the Citizens United decision opened up a fire hose of money into the political system, the latest Supreme Court decision removing overall limits on campaign contributions (McCutcheon v. FEC) is more like a garden hose. To be sure, more money will be going into the coffers of campaigns, party committees, and PACs, especially leadership PACs. This is good news for party committees who have...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, April 2, 2014

Among many in the chattering class, Sen. Rand Paul is the GOP frontrunner for president. He’s young. He’s interesting. He’s different. In other words, he’s everything that the last GOP nominee for president wasn’t. That said, the real test of a frontrunner is the ability to stand the test of time and to wear well over the course of a long process. Scratch below the surface of Paul’s appeal,...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, March 25, 2014

Last week, the New York Times reported that the Senate Majority PAC, an independent group that supports Senate Democrats, would be spending $3 million over the next two weeks in key Democratic-held Senate races. The early burst of spending (remember we are still a good 220+ days from Election Day) is in direct response to the year-long barrage of attack ads aimed at Senate Democrats by the...

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