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National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 20, 2013

While Washington may be fully engaged in sequestration theater, lots of American moms are too busy with their lives to pay much attention. Terms like “chained CPI,” “Bowles-Simpson,” and “CR” are getting thrown around Washington with impunity. But, this isn’t the language that moms speak around their kitchen tables. American moms are more worried about filling up their gas tank than the defi…

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 14, 2013

As of now, there's widespread agreement in Washington that the sequester--the across-the-board cuts to defense and domestic spending--will happen on March 1st. The only disagreement is over who will get the blame for letting the once unthinkable occur. Republicans believe that President Obama will ultimately take the fall. The buck, they say, ultimately stops at the White House. "People…

National Politics|By Amy Walter, February 6, 2013

To understand the peculiar politics of passing gun reform legislation, it’s important to understand the link between gun ownership and demography and the increasingly important role that demography plays in voting behavior. In 1994, the assault weapons ban passed the House 235-195, with 46 Republicans joining 188 Democrats in supporting it. That a bill limiting gun ownership would pass Congre…

National Politics|By Amy Walter, January 30, 2013

By now, just about everyone understands that Republicans have a problem with Hispanic voters. The bigger question now is if a bi-partisan immigration bill will be the cure. Republicans' low standing with Hispanic voters can't be blamed solely on talk of electrified border fences or "self-deportation" rhetoric. As GOP pollster Jan van Lohuizen wrote in December, Republicans’ "significant image…

National Politics|By Amy Walter, January 23, 2013

Of all the issues raised in President Obama’s inaugural speech, there was one noticeable omission: the state of the economy. The issue that defined the 2012 campaign – and remains the most important concern for most Americans – was only briefly touched in the President’s address on that chilly Monday afternoon. So, while debate and discussion over issues like gay rights, immigration, gun viole…

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