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National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 22, 2016

This is it. The final sprint to the November election has begun. But, even with just a couple months to go, there are still some questions yet to be answered that will have a big impact on the final vote.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 15, 2016

When it comes to the current political environment, Hillary Clinton couldn’t ask for much better. The president sits at a 50 percent approval rating. Gas is just a little over $2. A new income and poverty report released on Tuesday by the Census Bureau showed that median incomes rose 5.2 percent in 2015. A two-term president and his White House are untainted by scandal – an anomaly in recent...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 8, 2016

Donald Trump had a terrible June and July. Hillary Clinton had a terrible mid to late August. Both were victims of self-inflicted wounds -  one attacked a Gold Star family the other set up a private email server and deleted loads of emails that are now coming to light. The polls, which once showed a big Clinton lead, have narrowed. 

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 1, 2016

If you only paid attention to the presidential primaries you’d come away with the impression that this is an anti-status quo, anti-establishment kind of year. Voters have rewarded brash outsiders who want to shake up the “rigged” system. While Republicans were obviously more willing to support revolutionary change, Sanders success in fundraising and taking a big chunk of the primary vote...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, August 30, 2016

Newly installed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is doing her best to keep the notoriously off-message candidate on script. He’s moving – or more accurately – stumbling into a more centrist position on immigration reform. He’s doing debate prep. His latest campaign ad sticks to the economy and not conspiracy theories.  But can it work? Or are voters’ views on him already...

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