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Natonal Politics|By Charlie Cook, April 7, 2009

It's hard to write a column about politics these days without coming back to the issue of partisanship. It must be one of the most recurrent themes, if not the most, in American politics today. Last week, the House and Senate passed the 2010 budget without a single Republican vote, while the Pew Research Center released an analysis showing the largest partisan gap in a new president's approval rat…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 31, 2009

About 20 years ago, a terrific newsletter, whose name unfortunately escapes me, regularly published a quantitative content analysis of the issues that major newspapers and network evening news programs were covering. Each week's report included precise measurements that indicated which topics were emerging or declining in the news based on column inches and seconds of airtime. The numbers were mu…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 31, 2009

With today's special election in New York's 20th District, expect boasting by the victorious party that it is the most important victory in years and a foreshadowing of next year's midterm elections. Some might get really carried away and even extrapolate significance for years to come. Assuming that the margin in this upstate contest to fill the seat of appointed Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibra…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 24, 2009

It was hard to hear both second-guessing and criticism of President Obama's decision to go on ESPN to discuss his picks for the NCAA men's basketball tournament and to appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." Add a rather unusual taping for Sunday night's "60 Minutes" and it was one of the most unusual weeks of presidential television appearances to date. It was at least the most unusual for a…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 21, 2009

Just as the economic news was relentlessly negative until the last few days, poll numbers for Republicans were horrific for months. So the GOP should be heartened by the first encouraging polling news it has received perhaps since Lehman Brothers defaulted in mid-September: Republicans have pulled even with Democrats on the generic congressional ballot test, according to a survey by a respected pa…

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Charlie Cook is Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report and a political analyst for National Journal magazine, where he writes a twice weekly column. Charlie is considered one of the nation's leading authorities on American politics and U.S. elections.
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Hostile Swing Voters Spell Trouble for House Republicans

February 28, 2017

The two-thirds of Re­pub­lic­ans in the House who have nev­er served when the GOP held ma­jor­it­ies in the House and Sen­ate along­side a GOP pres­id­ent can be for­giv­en for not re­mem­ber­ing the last time they were sim­il­arly situ­ated. It was 2006, and they lost 30 seats in the House. When Demo­crats were last in that situ­ation, it was 2010 and they lost 63 House seats. When one party...

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