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National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 14, 2006

One of the smartest Republicans I know suggested to me last week that if House Republicans wanted to remain relevant and be players in the 110th Congress, they would take their cues not from the White House but from the conservative-moderate Blue Dog Democrats. The question is whether Democrats can find that sweet spot, or for that matter, can Republicans beat them to it? A conservative with nea…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 11, 2006

The contours of this landscape-altering election started taking shape more than a year ago. And by the first week of August, my Cook Political Report team and I began forecasting that if the election were held then, the Republicans would lose the House, and that their chances of holding the Senate were deteriorating toward 50-50. Our final predictions were that Democrats would gain 20 to 35 House…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 4, 2006

Soon the 2006 midterm elections will be over, and pundits will portray some political operatives as geniuses and others as goats. None of those assessments is likely to be entirely fair. I've seen enormously talented people on the losing side of elections, particularly wave elections. And I've seen very lucky people, who happened to be at the right place at the right time, credited with victories…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 1, 2006

As Election Day nears, the fundamental dynamics of this cycle have not changed on either the national "macro" level or the "micro" level. Looking at the individual 435 House, 33 Senate and 36 gubernat…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, October 28, 2006

With 10 days to go, the hurricane roaring toward the Republican Party looks like a Category 4 or 5. A Cat 4 would probably cost the GOP the House, and a 5 would be powerful enough to flip the Senate as well. Of course, at any moment, some foreign or domestic event could shift the public's attention away from Iraq and congressional scandals, and toward something less hazardous to the GOP. Althoug…

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Charlie Cook is Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report and a political analyst for National Journal magazine, where he writes a twice weekly column. Charlie is considered one of the nation's leading authorities on American politics and U.S. elections.
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Authenticity Is Key to Democratic Chances

July 21, 2017

Some on the left say the Democrats’ path to a House majority next year is to nominate passionate liberals who can tap into the energy and excitement that Bernie Sanders generated last year. Moderates say the path is down the middle, nominating pragmatists whom swing voters won’t find threatening. Still others suggest that Democrats nominate veterans, women, and other nonpoliticians who can tap...

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