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National Politics|By Charlie Cook, February 18, 2003

Some issues are more politically complicated and dicey than others, but few are as delicate as Iraq is for Democrats these days. On one level, the base of the Democratic Party has opinions conside…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, February 15, 2003

Preoccupied as we are with the prospect of war, it's easy for Americans to forget that congressional elections are just 21 months away. Party strategists, of course, are well aware of the approaching election and are busy drafting their blueprints. But House Democrats, who are 12 seats short of a majority, need more than just a good blueprint if they are going to win control in 2004. They also nee…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, February 11, 2003

It has been a very, very long time since a more politically turbulent set of circumstances existed than the one we face today. Likelihood of a war with Iraq within the next month is strong. Late last…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, February 4, 2003

With the fight for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination under way and Americans appropriately preoccupied with the Columbia tragedy this past weekend and the probability of war in the next two months, it's easy to forget that congressional elections are just 21 months away. In many ways, this election cycle will look familiar. Issues like the number of open seats, the effectiveness of candi…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, February 1, 2003

How disheartening it must have been for the president to wake up on the day he was to deliver an incredibly important State of the Union address and to hear immediately that the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence rating had just fallen to a nine-year low. But ever since Republicans did unexpectedly well in the November 5 midterm elections, they've heard a lot of bad news. The hottest debate…

Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook is Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report and a political analyst for National Journal magazine, where he writes a twice weekly column. Charlie is considered one of the nation's leading authorities on American politics and U.S. elections.
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Trump’s Budget Would Rattle the World

March 21, 2017

The back­lash that Re­pub­lic­ans are ex­per­i­en­cing on their pro­posed Amer­ic­an Health Care Act is very real and should be wor­ri­some to the GOP. But the fal­lout from Pres­id­ent Trump’s pro­posed budget cuts could cause even great­er re­ver­ber­a­tions. Waste, fraud, and ab­use clearly ex­ist in gov­ern­ment spend­ing. But it’s also true that most spend­ing pro­grams ex­ist be­cause a...

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The 2016 Political Environment

Updated November 25, 2015 | As the 2016 election cycle begins to take shape, the Cook Political Report has identified several metrics worth monitoring between now and Election Day.

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