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National Politics|By Charlie Cook, January 28, 2003

Things were very different when President Bush last walked down the center aisle of the U.S. House chamber to deliver his State of the Union message. His job approval rating in the two Ipsos-Reid/…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, January 21, 2003

With six virtually announced contenders in the wide-open contest for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, and at least four more in varying degrees of consideration, there are as many theories of what will happen as people who are thinking about it. Most of the attention focuses on Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who is the closest to a front-runner at this point. Also playing are Se…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, January 18, 2003

Conventional wisdom tends to cast the 6-point advantage the Republicans had in last year's total popular vote for the U.S. House as the truest measure of the relative strength of the two major parties…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, January 14, 2003

Although history tells us there is absolutely no relationship between a president's job approval rating during his first 33 months in office and whether he was subsequently re-elected, it is still int…

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, January 11, 2003

If the many announcements that various Democrats are or are not running for president weren't enough to signal the start of the 2004 campaign, the fight that broke out over competing economic stimulus packages surely was. The differences between the proposals offered by President Bush and by House Democrats provide an early outline of how the 2004 presidential campaign debate may shape up. Smarti…

Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook is Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report and a political analyst for National Journal magazine, where he writes a twice weekly column. Charlie is considered one of the nation's leading authorities on American politics and U.S. elections.
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Trump’s Budget Would Rattle the World

March 21, 2017

The back­lash that Re­pub­lic­ans are ex­per­i­en­cing on their pro­posed Amer­ic­an Health Care Act is very real and should be wor­ri­some to the GOP. But the fal­lout from Pres­id­ent Trump’s pro­posed budget cuts could cause even great­er re­ver­ber­a­tions. Waste, fraud, and ab­use clearly ex­ist in gov­ern­ment spend­ing. But it’s also true that most spend­ing pro­grams ex­ist be­cause a...

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The 2016 Political Environment

Updated November 25, 2015 | As the 2016 election cycle begins to take shape, the Cook Political Report has identified several metrics worth monitoring between now and Election Day.

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