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House Overview|By David Wasserman, May 24, 2017

The results of individual special elections, like Thursday's in Montana between Democrat Rob Quist and Republican Greg Gianforte, can't always foretell what will happen in the next high-stakes midterm. Each district presents its own unique set of variables, like flawed candidates or dreadfully unpopular governors.

House Overview|By David Wasserman, May 19, 2017

If there's anything to be learned from past wave elections, it's they don't discriminate on the basis of seniority. In 2010, angry voters did the unthinkable and threw out long-venerated committee chairs like Reps. Jim Oberstar (MN-08), Ike Skelton (MO-04), Paul Kanjorski (PA-11), John Spratt (SC-05), Chet Edwards (TX-17), Solomon Ortiz (TX-27) and Rick Boucher (VA-09) - who had a combined 200...

House Overview|By David Wasserman, May 12, 2017

Georgia's special election is now officially the most expensive House race of all time: the candidates and parties will likely spend in excess of $40 million to win that deadlocked race. But it's easy to forget there are two specials unfolding in places that have actually elected Democrats to federal office in the last decade (unlike GA-06): Montana's At-Large seat on May 25, and South...

House Overview|By David Wasserman, May 5, 2017

Republicans' 217-213 passage of the American Health Care Act on Thursday guarantees Democrats will have at least one major on-the-record vote to exploit in the next elections. Although it's the first of potentially many explosive votes, House Republicans' willingness to spend political capital on a proposal that garnered the support of just 17 percent of the public in a March Quinnipiac poll is...

Florida House|By David Wasserman, May 1, 2017

Florida GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's retirement, first reported by the Miami Herald, vaults her Miami district to the very top of Democrats' takeover list. Over 27 years in the House, Ros-Lehtinen's reputation as firmly anti-Castro but strongly pro-gay rights made her highly popular back home, even as FL-27 trended away from the national GOP. Now Democrats will be favored to win the district,...

David Wasserman, House Editor

David Wasserman is the House Editor for The Cook Political Report, where he is responsible for rating, handicapping, and analyzing U.S. House races.
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