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Georgia House|By David Wasserman, February 17, 2017

GOP Rep. Tom Price's confirmation as HHS secretary sets up an April special election in a wealthy, well-educated Atlanta seat President Trump carried by less than two points after Mitt Romney carried it by 23 points in 2012. And if Trump's approval rating ebbs into the spring, it could turn into the first test of Democrats' ability to compete on traditionally GOP turf where Trump has...

House Overview|By David Wasserman, February 3, 2017

House Republicans begin the 2018 cycle with a favorable map and plenty of structural and turnout advantages, as we detailed two weeks ago. However, history shows that fortunes can change in a hurry. And if the next 21 months of the Trump administration are much rockier than the last two weeks, the House could be in play in the midterms.

House Overview|By David Wasserman, January 20, 2017

Typically, midterm elections are, to borrow a word from the new president's lexicon, "tremendous" opportunities for the out party to hold a first-term White House occupant accountable. Just ask Bill Clinton about 1994 or Barack Obama about 2010. But as is the case with this new president, 2018 isn't set up to be a "typical" first-term midterm.

National Politics|By David Wasserman, January 2, 2017

The tracker will be updated in real time as vote totals continue to update.

House Overview |By David Wasserman, November 10, 2016

Most Democrats were anticipating Hillary Clinton would have short coattails, but few anticipated that Donald Trump's coattails would end up helping many down-ballot Republicans win and even give several Democrats unexpectedly close calls. Yet that's what happened on Tuesday. Democrats scored a meager gain of 6 or 7 seats, depending on the final outcome in CA-49, and remarkably, Republicans will...

David Wasserman, House Editor

David Wasserman is the House Editor for The Cook Political Report, where he is responsible for rating, handicapping, and analyzing U.S. House races.
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The 2014 Partisan Voting Index

Since 1997, the Cook Political Report's Partisan Voting Index (PVI) has been the gold standard in measuring how each state and district performs at the presidential level relative to the nation as a whole. Click below for the breakdown of PVI for every House district in the 113th Congress.
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The 2016 Political Environment

Updated November 25, 2015 | As the 2016 election cycle begins to take shape, the Cook Political Report has identified several metrics worth monitoring between now and Election Day.

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