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Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, September 30, 2014

A considerable subset of political junkies also follow football. But for those who don't, we at CMAG use the term "gaining separation" to describe how one advertiser or one side in the air war builds up an advantage over another advertiser or the other side. Separation can be achieved among particular audiences through strategic ad placement. It also can be gained on particular messages in ads...

Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, September 23, 2014

The final sprint to Election Day can make you forget everything that came before it. And with the 2014 air war having engaged last fall, that puts a year’s worth of advertising at risk of being forgotten. So before that onslaught of GOP ads hits Democrats on terrorism (and, just sayin’, it hasn’t yet) or things otherwise start looking smaller in the rear-view mirror, let’s review the big...

Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, September 16, 2014

The political media strategists recently summoned by the nation’s TV station executives to offer their thoughts on 2014 advertising toed the pro-broadcast line up until they were invited to offer some parting advice. Stop gouging our issue groups by charging them twice as much as you charge our candidates, suggested Guy Harrison of Republican media firm OnMessage Inc. If you keep it up, he...

Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, September 9, 2014

The start of fall brings prediction time—the kind of predictions you get held to, as opposed to the predictions you lob earlier in the year that might be forgotten. Having assembled a few predictions for a September 9 talk at the Television Bureau of Advertising’s Forward conference, I might as well double down by providing them here. About $2.3 billion was spent on local broadcast TV in...

Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, August 26, 2014

Whenever some big story hits, we at CMAG get asked whether we’re starting to see it show up in political ads. The tumult in the Middle East? (No.) The border crisis? (Not so much—just in a trio of Senate races, plus here and there at the House level.) Politicians’ aversion to risk keeps most from airing ads that stake out any position on a moving national story. One big news story of 2014,...

Elizabeth Wilner, Contributing Editor

Elizabeth Wilner, Contributing Editor

Elizabeth Wilner is Senior Vice President of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence with oversight of its Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), Contributing Editor of The Cook Political Report, and former Political Director of NBC News. Wilner's weekly segment, "On Points," covers the fast-growing junction of advertising, Big Data, and politics.
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