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POLITICAL ADVERTISING|By Elizabeth Wilner, December 15, 2015

More money has been spent on television advertising in this nascent presidential race than has ever been spent by this point before. And yet for many candidates, the rising tide isn't lifting their boats. Jeb Bush is the glaring example: $35 million spent on TV ads on his behalf as of December 14 and poll standings in single digits. But one analyst for another campaign who has been tracking ad...

POLITICAL ADVERTISING|By Elizabeth Wilner, December 3, 2015

Among the highlights of the following CMAG slides presented at the December 2 Cook Political Report subscriber briefing:

POLITICAL ADVERTISING|By Elizabeth Wilner, November 17, 2015

Beyond the phenomenally lopsided overall spending, a look at past ad buys and reservations of future ad time reveals some other potential medium-by-medium effects of a less contested Democratic primary versus the mosh pit that is the Republican race. Just four Democratic advertisers have been up on TV or radio in this month alone. On the Republican side? Fifteen.

POLITICAL ADVERTISING|By Elizabeth Wilner, November 4, 2015

When it comes to political advertising, the focus is usually on the advertisers, not the sellers. Yet the meltdown of the Republican debate process has become a story of sellers supposedly behaving badly: a greedy CNBC, and CNN before that, keeping candidates standing on stage for hours just to sell that many more ad slots for up to $250,000 a pop.

POLITICAL ADVERTISING|By Elizabeth Wilner, October 29, 2015

The charts below feature Kantar Media's competitive data for GOP activity broken out by month in each state. Included are the candidates and groups supporting them, not groups that are specifically attacking candidates. The totals include data for Broadcast, Cable, Satellite TV, and Radio as of today October 29th 2015.

Elizabeth Wilner, Contributing Editor

Elizabeth Wilner, Contributing Editor

Elizabeth Wilner is Senior Vice President of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence with oversight of its Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), Contributing Editor of The Cook Political Report, and former Political Director of NBC News. Wilner's weekly segment, "On Points," covers the fast-growing junction of advertising, Big Data, and politics.
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