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House Overview|By David Wasserman, July 18, 2014

For all of House Democrats' intractable problems this cycle, it must be said that they have done a decent job limiting retirements in marginal seats. There are just 16 open Democratic seats compared to 27 open Republican seats, which flies in the face of the theory that Democrats, glum about their prospects of taking back the House, are heading for the exits en masse. Of the 16 open...

Florida House|By David Wasserman, July 11, 2014

Democrats desperately need a game-changer to help them gain any House seats whatsoever this fall, and they appeared to get a jolt of good news on Thursday when Florida Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled two of the Sunshine State's 27 congressional districts unconstitutional. But there's no guarantee the ruling will have an impact in time for 2014, or affect more than one or two seats....

House Overview|By David Wasserman, June 27, 2014

Now that 31 states - accounting for 71 percent of all House seats - have completed their primaries and no more will be holding primaries until August, it's a good time to take a deep breath and take stock of where things stand. Although only two incumbents have lost renomination (including the stunning upset of GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor), that doesn't mean others haven't been feeling the...

Wisconsin House|By David Wasserman, June 20, 2014

Most of the political intrigue in Wisconsin today centers on Gov. Scott Walker's reelection race, the criminal investigation into his coordination with GOP outside groups, and his future on the national stage. But the most competitive congressional race in the Badger State is the 6th CD, where 35-year incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Petri is retiring. On paper, the seat ought to stay in Republican...

West Virginia House|By David Wasserman, June 13, 2014

What's the biggest hotbed of House race intrigue so far this year? Oddly enough, it might be West Virginia. The state may be trending red rapidly, but Republicans' selection of former Maryland GOP Chair Alex Mooney in the May primary for the open 2nd CD has given former West Virginia Democratic Chair Nick Casey hope he can make the race more about carpetbagging than President Obama.To the...

House Dashboard

Solid D Likely D Lean D Toss Up Lean R Likely R Solid R
Democrats (201) 160 16 12 11 0 2 0
Republicans (234) 0 0 2 2 16 16 198
Total (435) 160 16 14 13 16 18 198

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David Wasserman, House Editor

David Wasserman is the House Editor for The Cook Political Report, where he is responsible for rating, handicapping, and analyzing U.S. House races.
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