ME-02: Poliquin Moves to Lean Republican

Democrats haven't been able to crack the code in Maine's blue-collar 2nd CD since Rep. Mike Michaud left to run for governor in 2014. Once a Democratic bastion, the district swung hard to GOP Gov. Paul LePage in 2014 and President Trump in 2016, and Republican Bruce Poliquin defied expectations. But Marine veteran and state Rep. Jared Golden's entry into the 2018 field gives Democrats hope they can capitalize on a favorable political environment.

Two Nations

As the 2016 election dramatically revealed, the United States has split into two political nations. In each of those distinct coalitions, the majority Republican or Democratic Party separately controls at least two-thirds of the presidential Electoral Votes, the seats in Congress, and the governorships. That leaves the balance of power with roughly 20 percent of the states and voters—from Ohio to Wisconsin, and Colorado to Arizona—where partisan control is up for grabs and the nation’s political control is determined.

UT-03 Special Election: GOP Primary Heats Up

Believe it or not, Georgia's 6th CD wasn't the final special election of 2017. Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz's resignation from the House to become a Fox News commentator has spawned a spirited GOP three-way primary to succeed him on August 15. And although this is the 16th most Republican and likely the most heavily Mormon district in the country, the final general election margin on November 7 is worth watching.


Authenticity Is Key to Democratic Chances

Some on the left say the Democrats’ path to a House majority next year is to nominate passionate liberals who can tap into the energy and excitement that Bernie Sanders generated last year. Moderates say the path is down the middle, nominating pragmatists whom swing voters won’t find threatening. Still others suggest that Democrats nominate veterans, women, and other nonpoliticians who can tap into the antiestablishment, antipolitician sentiment that is so potent right now.

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