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National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 30, 2015

By now, everyone has an opinion on who “won” and “lost” 1) the summer; 2) the last debate and 3) the momentum to win the party nomination. What’s more important is to see how actual voters see this race. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll – the gold standard of public opinion polling IMHO – is out with its latest survey which both upends and justifies the current inside-the-Beltway...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 23, 2015

What did we learn from Scott Walker’s very brief foray into presidential politics? And, what does the race for the nomination look like now that he’s gone?

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 16, 2015

At its core, politics is all about timing. Are you the right candidate with the right message at the right moment? At some level, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would seem to be the right candidates for the moment. After all, Republicans have been frustrated since 2008 by two things: 1. Obama's lack of executive/leadership experience and; 2. the lack of GOP control of the White House to roll-back...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, September 11, 2015

Is the Republican Party going rogue? It’s hard to look at the opinion polling in the GOP presidential nomination contest and conclude anything else. As un­expected as many of the developments on the Demo­crat­ic side have been, it doesn’t hold a candle to what is unfolding among the Republicans.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, September 9, 2015

At this point, it feels like we are in some kind of an alternative universe election where up is down, black is white and east is west. On the GOP side, a blowhard reality TV star insults a war hero, attacks a popular Fox News anchor and remains atop the polls. On the Democratic side, the prospects for the first female presidential nominee in history may be derailed by a 73-year old white male...

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