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National Politics|By Charlie Cook, June 26, 2015

Every once in a while, a really good idea or new way of looking at things comes along that is worth replicating.

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, June 23, 2015

It's human nature: People's ideas about presidential races are largely shaped by their perceptions of the personalities and images of the candidates. Both voters and the media become preoccupied, even obsessed, with these factors, to the exclusion of any others. The truth is, however, that big, fundamental forces have considerable—indeed, probably greater—impact on the outcome of a presidential...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, June 9, 2015

Another political analyst and I recently decided just for fun to write down what percentage chance we would give the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. My colleague was bold, giving Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a 35 percent chance of getting the nod, Sen. Marco Rubio a 30 percent chance, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush a 25 percent chance, and "someone else" a 10 percent...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, June 4, 2015

Politics is always a risky business, with the odds of success the steepest for anyone running for president. So many factors have to line up just right to capture a nomination, and even then, the chances of winning the general election are roughly 50-50. But Sen. Rand Paul's approach to running takes risk-taking to an entirely different and higher level.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, June 2, 2015

With each passing day, Jeb Bush looks weaker and weaker. While he has a top notch political team and (reportedly) tons of cash, he is dropping, not, rising in the polls. For a party desperate to win back the White House, Bush is looking more and more like a risky bet.

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