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National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 24, 2015

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris amounted to a 9/11 event for the French and, for Americans, a vivid memory of that horrific day 14 years ago. It also reminds us that we could very well have another—experts say it’s almost inevitable. So, what effect will the tragedy in Paris have on the U.S. presidential campaign and next year’s election? The short answer: Ask me again in 50 weeks.

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, November 20, 2015

Few would ar­gue with the premise that, in the five months since June, pres­id­en­tial polit­ics have be­haved in ex­traordin­ary ways. The “Feel The Bern” surge of Bernie Sanders on the left and the rise of Don­ald Trump and, more re­cently, Ben Car­son on the right—none of these were de­vel­op­ments that any­one pre­dicted a year or two ago.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, November 18, 2015

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris there's been a lot of chatter here in DC about their impact on the 2016 elections. Will the "outsiders" be pushed out as voters flock to more traditional and experienced politicians? Will terrorism and security, two issues that have fallen to the bottom of the concern list for voters in recent years, rise back to the top? It's obviously too...

National Politics|By Amy Walter, November 11, 2015

If you read the coverage of the October jobs report you'd think Americans should have been popping champagne and singing happy days are here again. Jobs up. Wages up. Unemployment down.

National Politics|By Amy Walter, November 5, 2015

To the many confounding things about the 2016 GOP primary (the staying power of Trump and Carson, Walker’s early exit), we can add the question of where Carly Fiorina fits into all of this. She’s neither a pure “outsider” a la Ben Carson and Donald Trump, nor an insider like Jeb Bush. Her strong performance at the September GOP debate got her buzz and boosted her poll numbers. Since then,...

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