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National Politics|By Amy Walter, May 20, 2015

I went to Iowa last weekend to check out the GOP field. Yes, it’s still very early in the process. And, yes one dinner featuring eleven potential candidates and 1,200 or so GOP voters can’t tell you who’s going to win in February. Even so, I find these events – bracketed by smaller meet-and-greets between candidates and voters - to be a useful exercise. You can’t predict how a race will end,...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, May 5, 2015

More than a few people laughed when 19 presidential candidates took the stage one by one at a recent New Hampshire Republican Party event. Nineteen, that is, if you count Dennis Michael Lynch, a documentary filmmaker who contributed $10,000 to the New Hampshire Republican Party for the privilege of sharing a very narrow beam of the limelight that night. (I wonder how much a slot in a debate...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, April 17, 2015

As discouraging as the partisanship, polarization, and dysfunction are in Washington these days, I confess to being really excited by the unfolding 2016 presidential campaign. Not that there is another George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, or Ronald Reagan on the immediate horizon, but this race appears to have some really interesting aspects to it.

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 31, 2015

There are as many ways to look at presidential nomination contests as there are political aficionados. A few weeks ago, I wrote about my preferred method for understanding the GOP race: treating it like the NCAA basketball tournament. According to this scheme, the Republican race consists of four brackets - the Establishment bracket; the Secular/Conventional Conservative bracket; the Tea...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, March 27, 2015

The front-page headline in The Washington Post said it all: "Democrats in key states ask: Where is Hillary?" Putting aside the simple facts that the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary are both 10 months away and that Hillary Clinton is not expected to officially enter the race before next month, this headline says so much more. In fact, it telegraphs the coming story line.

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