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Montana Senate|By Jennifer Duffy, August 22, 2014

When U.S. Sen. Max Baucus announced his retirement, Democrats were quick to say that they would hold the seat without much effort. While that claim was premature, not even Democrats could have imagined the strange twists and turns that this race...

Senate Overview|By Jennifer Duffy, August 15, 2014

Georgia: Despite the fact that the Peach State is a challenge for them, Democrats have made good on their promise to contest this Republican-held open seat. President Obama took 46 percent here in 2012, a point less than he got in 2008. Republicans hold both U.S. Senate seats, eight of the 13 congressional districts, the governorship, and both chambers of the state legislature. But, Democrats...

National Politics|By Charlie Cook, August 1, 2014

Every election cycle is different. Each has a unique political environment and set of circumstances, all of which keep elections interesting. Aside from the extremely competitive fight over the Senate, the biggest change this time around is the multitude of Senate forecasts using quantitative election models of various types; these new players are joining the game alongside the more...

Senate Overview|By Jennifer Duffy, July 25, 2014

Primary season is largely completed, the August congressional recess starts next week, and the general election is a mere 102 days away. As such, this is as good a time as any to assess where the battle for the Senate stands. Just how close are Republicans to picking up the six seats they need to win the majority? The short answer is pretty close. Perhaps not surprisingly, Republicans and...

Iowa Senate|By Jennifer Duffy, July 18, 2014

Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin’s decision to retire at the end of this Congress after serving five terms has created an opening for Republicans in this swing state. With the primary behind them, Republicans are positioned to make the most of that opportunity. State Sen. Joni Ernst took 56 percent to win the nomination on June 3. If no candidate had gotten 35 percent of the vote, the nomination...

Senate Dashboard

Seats Up in 2014 Toss Up Lean D Likely D Solid D Seats Up in 2016 Seats Up in 2018
Democrats (54) 21 7 1 3 7 10 24
Republicans (45) 15 2 1 4 11 24 8
Toss Up Lean R Likely R Solid R

Senate Race Ratings Map

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Jennifer Duffy, Senior Editor

Jennifer Duffy is a Senior Editor for The Cook Political Report, where she is responsible for U.S. Senate and Governors races.
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