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Battleground States|By Michael Nelson, November 7, 2016

We invited all of the state political academic experts who have contributed to the “Battleground States” series to offer a final prediction of both the presidential vote in their state and (other than the presidential election) the biggest political headline in Wednesday edition of the state’s leading newspaper. Here are the responses we received.

Arizona (Barbara Norrander, University of Arizona)

Election: Trump-48, Clinton-46, Johnson-5
Headline: Recreational Marijuana Initiative Too Close to Call

Georgia (Charles Bullock, University of Georgia)
Election: Trump-51, Clinton-46, Johnson-4
Headline: Isakson Avoids Runoff

Iowa (Timothy Hagle, University of Iowa)
Election: Trump-47. Clinton-43, Johnson-5, Other-5
Headline: Grassley Wins Big Over Judge

Maine 2nd CD (Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin College)
Election: Trump-46, Clinton-45, Johnson-8, Stein-1
Headline: Five Liberal Ballot Questions Sweep to Victory; Governor Pledges to Derail Their Implementation

Michigan (Marjorie Starbaugh-Thompson, Wayne State University)
Election: Clinton-48, Trump-44, Johnson-6, Stein-2
Headline: Democrats Regain Slim Majority in Michigan House, Squeak Out Victories in 1st and 7th U.S. House Districts

Nebraska 2nd CD (Paul Landow, University of Nebraska-Omaha)
Election: Clinton-48, Trump-47, Johnson-5

Nevada (David Damore, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Election: Clinton-49, Trump-42, Johnson-5, None of the above-4
Headline: Dems Sweep Key Races in Nevada

New Hampshire (Dante Scala, University of New Hampshire)
Election: Clinton-49, Trump-43
Headline: Ayotte Loses, Dems Sweep Top of Ticket

Pennsylvania (Terry Madonna, Franklin Marshall College)

Election: Clinton-47, Trump-44

Utah (Kelly Patterson, Brigham Young University)
Election: Trump-35, McMillin-28, Clinton-27
Headline: Down-Ballot Republicans Thrive Despite Weak Top of Ticket

Virginia (Mark Rozell, George Mason University)

Election: Clinton-49, Trump-46, Johnson-4, Stein/Others-1
Headline: Women, Minorities Propel Clinton Victory

Wisconsin (Dennis Dresang, University of Wisconsin)
Election: Clinton-50, Trump-44, Johnson-5, Stein-1
Headline: “Outside Money Turns Senate Election into a Squeaker”