Jump to Any Race
Political Advertising|By Elizabeth Wilner, March 8, 2016

The grid below by CMAG’s Mitchell West lays out a GOP-sponsored “anti-Trump” air campaign that is growing by the week, from 9% of all Republican TV spots (individual airings of commercials) by all advertisers in the presidential race during the first week in February, to 47% during the most recent week—and from 15% of all GOP spending on TV advertising during the first week in February to 62% last week. For the current week, the first day alone, March 7, racked up roughly half those percentages from the previous week, suggesting a significant escalation is at hand.

While a handful of super PACs unaffiliated with any presidential candidates have made a mission of attacking Trump on the air, the super PACs supporting Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. John Kasich, along with the campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz, also have aired anti-Trump ads. The pro-Rubio Conservative Solutions PAC has spent nearly five times as much on anti-Trump ads as the next biggest spender.

Note that Kantar Media CMAG tracks and codes the content of TV ads airing on local broadcast, national broadcast and national cable. The percentages below do not include spots or spend on local cable.