House Ratings Summary Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Solid Seats

D - 0
R - 0

Likely/Lean Seats

D - 0
R - 0
The current House breakdown is 232 Democrats, 198 Republicans, one Libertarian and four vacancies. Republicans need a net gain of 17 seats to retake the majority in 2020. There are 30 Democrats sitting in districts carried by President Trump in 2016, and just four Republicans sitting in districts carried by Hillary Clinton. But Trump's weak standing in suburban districts has hampered GOP challengers and Republican retirements have given Democrats strong pickup opportunities. At the moment, the most likely outcome is a Democratic net gain of between zero and 10 seats.
Senate Ratings Summary Updated: Nov 14, 2016

Senate Seats

D - 45
I - 2
R - 53
Republicans are defending almost double the seats that Democrats are this cycle, 23 to 12. Two Republican incumbents are in states that President Trump lost in 2016 (Colorado and Maine) while two Democratic incumbents are in states that Trump carried (Alabama and Michigan). But other states that Trump only won by single digits will decide the majority. Democrats need a net of three seats to win the majority if Joe Biden wins the presidency, and four if he does not. But with Alabama as the most vulnerable on the map, they likely must flip at least four GOP-held seats to achieve a tie that would be broken by a Democratic vice president. Currently, the most likely outcome is a Democratic gain of between two and six seats.
Governor Ratings Summary Updated: Nov 21, 2015


D - 24
I - 0
R - 26
Electoral Scorecard Updated: Nov 7, 2016

Electoral Scorecard

D - 278
I - 46
R - 214