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Our subscribers have access to individual race pages for each House, Senate and Governors race, which will include race ratings (each race is rated on a seven-point scale) and a narrative analysis pertaining to that race. A complete listing of every potential candidate for U.S. House, Senate and Governor, the top-line numbers on every publicly available poll in House, Senate and gubernatorial races, fundraising data gathered from the FEC and other pertinent race information are also available to subscribers.

The website is updated weekly and subscribers receive an email alerting them to changes. Additional alert features to keep people aware of the changing political landscape include the ability to subscribe to instant race updates. As a subscriber you can select to be alerted whenever the Cook Political Report rating of a specific race is moved, and you will receive a brief alert email informing you of the change.

The MA Senate and AL-02 race pages are available to the public as examples of our subscriber-only content.

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Price Increase

Effective February 1, 2012 annual subscriptions to the Cook Political Report increased from $295 to $350, our first increase in more than 20 years.